Terms of service


Terms of use of the service


  1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement establishes the rules by which operations for the exchange of electronic money using the Online Service are carried out. 

1.2. On the Internet, using the resource https://exchangekey.org, you can carry out an operation to exchange funds using the Online Service. 

1.3. Clients of the Online Service can be both individuals and legal companies that have expressed a desire to transfer funds using this system. 

1.4. At the conclusion of this Agreement, the client and the online resource are hereinafter referred to as the "Parties". 

1.5. The parties agree that this Agreement, concluded online, has the same legal force as a document signed in paper form, on the basis of which the legal relations between the Parties are regulated. 

1.6. By accepting the public terms of the Agreement, the User leaves an online application for the provision of services for the exchange of funds through the Online Service.


2. Subject of the Agreement 

2.1. The services provided by the https://exchangekey.org service and specified in clause 4 are performed in the event that the User fully complies with all the standards described in clause 9 of this Agreement. Compliance with the rules for the provision of services is described in paragraph 5 and is governed by the internal regulations of the resource. 

2.2. The user pays for services on the terms, in accordance with this Agreement. 

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties 

3.1. The responsibilities of the service https://exchangekey.org include: 

3.1.1. Through payment systems: Qiwi, Yandex money, etc., convert funds in accordance with the requirements of this document; 

3.1.2. If necessary, provide the User with round-the-clock online support on all emerging issues related to the transfer of funds; 

3.1.3. Guarantee the preservation of detailed information about personal data, information about the time and amount of the transaction and provide, at the request of the User, all the necessary information on this service. Maintain strict confidentiality of the performed money transfer service using one or another payment system; 

3.1.4. Ensure the protection of information on ongoing transactions from access by third parties. Exceptions: 

  • availability of a valid court order located in the area where the resource is located;
  • in case of requests from regulatory authorities and the financial monitoring service operating in the area where the Online Service is located;
  • at the request of the heads of payment systems through which the corresponding transactions for the transfer of funds were carried out.

3.1.5. Keep records of discounts provided to Users; 

3.1.6. If the User submits an application for violations in accordance with clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of this Agreement, no later than one day, ensure the transfer of the necessary funds to the current account of the User or another person indicated by him. 

3.2. The responsibilities of the User include: 

3.2.1. To successfully carry out transactions for the transfer of the corresponding amounts, the Client is obliged to provide all the necessary documents and bank details in a timely manner;

3.2.2. Provide a valid email; 

3.2.3. Set up a notification system about the services provided via the specified e-mail. Provide the ability to use the Internet using any information systems or stationary devices. When working in the Https://exchangekey.org Online System, ensure reliable protection using up-to-date antivirus programs; 

3.2.4. Strictly comply with all the rules of the Agreement; 

3.2.5. Timely notify through the administrative resource Https://exchangekey.org about cases of full or partial violation of funds transfers to the name of the User or another person indicated by him, and report the facts of violations specified in clauses 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of this document. If violations are identified, the complaint must be received in the administrative resource no later than one month, from the date of the erroneous money transfer operation. Otherwise, the disputed amounts are considered the property of the resource and cannot be returned. 

3.2.6. When carrying out transactions for the transfer of funds, strictly observe the requirements of the current legislation in terms of using the online system. 

3.2.7. Do not use different schemes for increasing traffic.

3.3. The online service https://exchangekey.org has the right to: 

3.3.1. Suspend the operation of the service for some time to modernize it or eliminate technical failures; 

3.3.2. If there are suspicions of unlawful actions of third parties and as a result of the appeal of the regulatory authorities, the management of the partners of the payment systems or the client himself, the Online resource can completely stop the operation of the service, up to the complete elimination of the violation. 

3.3.3. From time to time apply a system of discounts for exchange transactions; 

3.3.4. Set the amount of the commission for the performed operation;

3.3.5. To prohibit the operation of the exchange of funds without explaining the corresponding reason; 

3.3.6. If the operation is completed with an error, request additional information from the User about the incorrect service using any method convenient for him: email, mobile device, screenshots, etc.; 

3.3.7. Interrupt any negotiations with the User, in cases of gross violation of ethics, culture of behavior or refusal to provide additional information; 

3.3.8. Block the transaction in the cases described in clauses 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. of this Agreement; 

3.3.9. If it is impossible to fully recognize the identity of the Client, he has the right to suspend the operation, without a refund, up to the complete identification of the User"s identity; 

3.3.10. The administration can block access to the resource for the User who violated the requirement of clause 3.2.7 of this Agreement, simultaneously with the corresponding source;

3.3.11. If the client confirms the unjustified enrichment of the funds received while working in the Https://exchangekey.org system, the Administration suspends the transaction until the circumstances are fully clarified and the full reimbursement of the unreasonably received funds and the corresponding rights to them.

4. Provided services 

4.1. The system https://exchangekey.org provides money transfer services using payment systems in different banks, which are presented on the site, Funds transfer services are carried out using all existing payment systems. 

4.2. The service https://exchangekey.org does not verify the legal basis of the client"s funds that are involved in exchange transactions.

5. Regulations for the exchange of electronic money 

5.1. The exchange operation begins immediately after the receipt of funds from the Client. If the User made an application for a transfer, but the funds were not received, then after 20 minutes the service"s security service automatically deletes the application. If, after the expiration of the term (for cryptocurrencies up to 90 minutes), funds are received at the request, it is processed at the rate in effect at the time the funds were credited.

5.2. Upon receipt of funds to the account of the User or the specified other person, the operation is completed. 

5.3. A transaction cannot be canceled or stopped once it has started. Funds resulting from such a transaction cannot be returned to the User. 

5.4. If the amount received for the exchange operation is more or less than that specified by the client when making the application, then the https://exchangekey.org service terminates this operation. The online service can continue the exchange operation only after the User has completed clause 3.2.5 and pay him the amount corresponding to the amount received, taking into account the rate that was in effect at the beginning of the transaction.

5.5. If, as a result of the exchange operation, it turns out that the details specified by the Client are blocked by the bank or the data is incorrect, then the operation is automatically stopped. The amount for this exchange operation is returned to the User in accordance with the requirement of clause 3.2.5, taking into account the commission for the transaction and a penalty equal to two percent of the amount received for the exchange. 

5.6. If the Client changes the notes to the application or a payment is made from another account, then the service https://exchangekey.org has the right to suspend such an operation. The money for this transaction is returned to the client after the conditions of clause 3.2.5 of this Agreement are fulfilled, taking into account the commission and the penalty in the amount of one percent. 

5.7. If, as a result of an exchange operation, the User wants to receive bitcoins, then the time of crediting such a cryptocurrency depends on the requirements of the Bitcoin system. The minimum duration of such an exchange operation is 10-15 minutes, and the maximum can take several days and depends on the volume of transactions in the Bitcoin system. The Online Service Administration is not responsible for the duration of the cryptocurrency exchange. 

6. Warranties and liability of the Parties 

6.1. For mistakes made by the Client when filling out the standard fields of the request for the exchange of funds or in violation of the rules for using the service https://exchangekey.org, the administration does not bear property responsibility. If these errors and violations are made, the funds transferred by the User to the incorrect account are not returned, and the operation is considered completed. 

6.2. The Service is not responsible for damage or damage to equipment and its elements, which made it impossible for the Client to carry out exchange operations. 

6.3. The administration of the https://exchangekey.org service is not responsible for errors or delays in the execution of a transaction caused by banking institutions or payment systems. 

6.4. For the User"s misunderstanding of the rules for performing exchange operations, the cost of the service, tariff rates and other conditions, as a result of which he incurred losses and other costs, the Online System is not responsible. 

6.5. The administration is not responsible for losses and costs in exchange operations of electronic funds and other payments that arose as a result of errors or delays in the transfer of funds. 

6.6. The client confirms that the funds involved in the exchange operations are his property and received legally. 

6.7. In the event of material losses as a result of using the https://exchangekey.org system, the Client agrees to fully reimburse all losses. 

6.8. The Client guarantees that at the time of interaction with the Online System he has reached the age of majority, in accordance with the legislation of the country where the Client is located.

7. Change of information 

7.1. At any time, the Online System management can make changes and additions to this document. The agreement with changes and additions is considered valid from the moment of its publication on the website. 

8. Force majeure 

8.1. The parties are not responsible and are released from the fulfillment of all obligations under this Agreement as a result of the onset of insurmountable situations beyond their control. Such situations include natural disasters, legislative changes at the state level or worldwide, natural and mass riots, wars, hacker attacks and other cases. Liability for service failure due to lack of electricity, Internet and other communications is also removed. 

9. Mandatory conditions for conducting exchange operations 

9.1. It is forbidden to use the https://exchangekey.org service to conduct fraudulent activities and any other operations prohibited by law. The client accepts the condition that for carrying out an operation to exchange illegally obtained funds, he may be punished in accordance with the legislation in force in the territory of the exchange procedure. 

9.2. In case of proof of the Client"s illegal actions, the Https://exchangekey.org service reserves the right to inform the relevant law enforcement services, as well as send information about the illegal actions of the User to partners of payment systems and the injured party. 

9.3. The final condition for performing an exchange operation is the receipt by the Client of banknotes from his virtual wallet. In this case, the Client is not responsible for the legality of receiving electronic funds, since he is not obliged to check the legality of their origin. 

9.4. The administration of the https://exchangekey.org service is not responsible for the result of exchange operations carried out by third parties at the direction of the client .  

9.5. Upon confirmation of all the terms of this Agreement and clicking the "I agree ..." button, the Client assumes full responsibility for the results of the exchange operation. 

10. Personal verification

10.1. Using the services of the Online System, the Client guarantees the readiness to go through the verification procedure at the first request of the Online System.

10.2. The Online System has the right to request any personal data, in any format and in any volume, that the Online System deems necessary for complete identification.

10.3. The addresses of the online wallets of the transactions carried out by the Client in the Online System undergo automatic AML verification.

10.4. The online system has the right to request the passage of the personal verification of the Client, if the address of the Client"s online wallet is in any way connected with the following organizations:

  • Darknet Marketplace;
  • Darknet Service;
  • Fraudulent Exchange;
  • Illegal Service;
  • Mixing Service;
  • Ransom;
  • Scam;
  • Stolen Coins.

10.5. If any connection is established, then after passing personal verification, the funds will be returned to the sender"s details (minus a commission of 10%).