AML/KYC policy

AML and KYC - guaranteed protection against fraud

The founders of the ExchangeKey cryptocurrency platform protect users and partners from intruders in every way. The likelihood of fraud during transactions is reduced to zero. Financial transactions are not carried out without preliminary and multi-stage customer verification. AML / KYC procedures allow you to achieve the desired goal. It becomes possible to weed out illegal clients. Only verified legal entities and individuals are present on the ExchangeKey cryptocurrency platform.

An automated risk assessment system eliminates unpleasant surprises. A sophisticated computer program detects suspicious activity during financial transactions. Doubtful transactions are instantly stopped, and then the user is offered to undergo a comprehensive check using AML and KYC methods. We cannot tell you in detail about the algorithm and principles of the security system. Effective methods help to fight against fraud and money laundering.

ExchangeKey platform owners have the right to choose an organization / individual to perform AML and KYC verification. When processing information, confidentiality is guaranteed to all clients. The data is not even passed on to law enforcement agencies without first receiving an official request.

The founders of ExchangeKey cooperate only with individuals and legal entities with an impeccable business reputation. Access to the site is closed to people who were previously involved in financial fraud or money laundering in any country.
AML and KYC procedures AML and KYC

procedures are mandatory in case of detection of suspicious transactions. The system identifies risks and sends a notification to the client, who must quickly get in touch using online chat or e-mail. Any user is obliged to provide information upon request.

AML and KYC procedures allow you to verify your identity in a convenient remote mode. Users are required to send:

  • a high-quality snapshot of an open passport or driver"s license;
  • selfies with the above IDs.

The submitted documents are carefully examined by experts to identify possible violations. Upon detection of manipulations and handicrafts, an investigation begins. The owners of the ExchangeKey platform reserve the right to arrange for user verification at any time in the event of complaints or signs of financial fraud. Blocked transactions are completed only if there are no violations.

Tax officials, police officers and other regulatory organizations often turn to ExchangeKey representatives for help. They transmit the names or email addresses of clients who are involved in money laundering and various scams. Private and legal entities fall under suspicion. Until the investigation is complete, ExchangeKey will suspend the collaboration. It is impossible to recover losses or resume exchange operations without ending the AML / KYC procedure.

Transfer of Fiat Funds to Cryptocurrency

Verified ExchangeKey partners are involved in converting fiat currencies to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Reliable organizations provide services to individuals and legal entities. Partners check clients using AML / KYC methods, but the procedures can differ significantly depending on the specifics of the companies.

How does a cryptocurrency platform work

ExchangeKey management always strives to provide quality and affordable services. The system is constantly being improved to meet the growing needs of customers. When AML / KYC procedures change, users are notified by email or by any means. Up-to-date information about the activities of the organization is displayed on the official website 24/7.

How to contact ExchangeKey representatives

If you have additional questions, write an email and then send it to [email protected]. Duty consultants provide quick and comprehensive answers.